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All our swimming pools are designed according to your wishes.
Bluefino, creator of well-being for more than 50 years.

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young woman resting in a bespoke Bluefino pool
3 friends relax by a Bluefino bespoke pool
Little boy playing in the water of a Bluefino bespoke pool
young children jumping into a Bluefino bespoke pool
young children jumping into a Bluefino bespoke pool
a buoy and a balloon float in a bespoke Bluefino pool
young woman swimming in a Bluefino pool


Create the relaxing and creative space of your dreams

You are looking to optimize your comfort, to stay in shape or you simply want to please your (grand)children… We propose a new way to create and provide custom-made pool, following your desires and needs. Our team works with more than a hundred professionals around the world who have all the skills to help you with your project. Design your ideal spot for relaxation, recreation and sports.

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The Bluefino Experience

Unique design

Bluefino pools have many possible configurations (shape of the stairs, colors, finishes,...). You can choose the design of your dreams.

Many options

Customize your pool to your preferences. Our pools support many options (lighting, jet swim, covers, massage jets, ...). The only limit is your imagination.

Quick Installation

Once you have found the professional for your project and a date with him for the installation, you can enjoy your new space a week later.


Enjoy your future swimming times without stress. We are so confident in the quality of our product that we offer a 10-year warranty.

Choose the options that suit you
2 women on buoys in a Bluefino pool

Let our know-how shape your blue dream


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Bluefino Home

Take the plunge with complete peace of mind

We manufacture and distribute Bluefino and work hand in hand with trusted independent professionals to install the pool of your dreams at your home. The Bluefino team stays by your side throughout the entire process, from purchase, through installation, to post installation.