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A pool is the perfect way to bring sunshine into your home. No matter the color or size, from the most sophisticated to the simplest, we will help you create the pool you have always dreamed of!

young woman diving into a bespoke Bluefino pool

Ours Solutions

When designing your custom-made Bluefino pool, everything is integrated in advance: from the jet system, to the lighting and the drains to the pipes. The only limit is your imagination.

The Bluefino Experience

Create the pool of your dreams

A family with two children playing underwater in a Bluefino prefabricated pool

The Classic

Fun and sporty

View of a submerged staircase in a bespoke Bluefino pool

The Infinity

Experience holidays at home



Maximum width:

4 meters (outside measurement)

Depths and lengths:

your choice

Invisible welding

Insulation layer:



choice of 6 colours


perfectly smooth

Stairs and/or deck:


Guarantee (Welding/sealing):

10 years

A father and son dive into a Bluefino bespoke pool
view from the top of a Bluefino pool


10 year guarantee, we are confident of the quality of our pools

  • Every pool goes through a quality & safety check before shipping.
  • Mirror welds are invisible to the naked eye.
  • Polypropylene is more resistant to UV, osmosis and chemicals.
  • All our ponds are equipped with a reinforced structure to withstand the pressure of the water over the long and very long term.
young woman resting next to a bespoke Bluefino pool


Your pool is 99% recyclable

  • Reduced noise pollution.
  • Polypropylene has a low thermal conductivity.
  • We do not use plasticizers and epoxy resins.

Make the right choice and opt for:

  • The Coverfino pool cover: it reduces the 80% heat loss that occurs across the surface of an open pool.
  • The solar slats: They increase the heat supply to the pool and prevent the water from evaporating.
  • Variable speed filter pump and heat pump: very low power consumption at low and medium speed. It saves up to 85% energy.
young woman on a buoy rests in a Bluefino pool
view from the top of a Bluefino pool

Home automation

The only limit is your imagination

Bluefino pools are compatible with an infinite number of products including:

  • Robotic vacuums, chlorine and ph dosing pumps,
  • electrolyzes,
  • filtration systems,
  • lighting,
  • heat pump,
  • shutters and all other equipment related to the world of swimming pools.
Bluefino Solutions

Our product is entirely modular and meets all your expectations, even the most complex.

Included options

  • Polypropylene tank
  • Reinforced structure
  • Insulating foam
  • Hooks for the crane
  • Wooden reinforcement for handling
  • Filtration piping around the pool
  • Assembly of the parts to be sealed

Your possibilities

  • Stairs: all types and sizes
  • Relaxation areas: paddling pool, sitting area…
  • Surface around the pool: customised configuration (coping, slab, wood…).
  • Swimming against the current
  • Technical room
  • Filtration pump
  • Covers: submerged, above ground…
  • Robots
  • Safety cover
  • Ladder
  • LED lighting
  • Massage jet
  • Parts to be sealed

Want more?
We have an infinity of options for the configuration of your dreams.


Follow the guide

Your dream pool in 8 steps

Bluefino Solutions


We will put you in touch with a professional in your area.

Bluefino pool design


The professional listens to your needs and designs the pool of your dreams.

Bluefino Solutions


The professional places the order according to the agreements made together.

Bluefino Solutions


Within 6 weeks, the assembly of your pool is completed at the factory.

Building a Bluefino pool


Your professional will ensure that the predefined area is prepared for the location of your dream pool.

Bluefino Solutions


On the day agreed by the professional, a crane unloads your pre-assembled pool and brings it to the prepared area.

Bluefino pool installation


In just one week, the professional will complete the installation and the technical room.

Bluefino Solutions


You can enjoy your pool in peace of mind.

Easy, right?
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